Legal Technology & Innovation Institute

The Legal Technology & Innovation Institute is an initiative designed, curated, and delivered by experienced and esteemed Legal Technology Experts & Specialists from around the world. 

Forte Markets has worked tirelessly over the last 12 months to bring this to market. We are creating a global ecocsystem across law and technology by bringing together experts, practitioners, academia, government and technologists from global jurisdictions, to provide insights into their challenges and successes, and collaborate globally. 

The LT&I’s focus will be two main verticals: The Legal Technology & Innovation Certificate (LTIC) which aims to bring a breadth of understanding and engagement to legal practitioners around the world to enable them to engage fully with all relevant technology; secondly an independent research and innovation lab (iR-Lab). 

The lab will focus its efforts on diving into problem statements from the industry which are researched and based on the findings either progressed to a minimum viable product (MVP) and subsequent incubation to take the right products to market.