Forte Markets is pleased to announce the launch of the Legal Technology & Innovation Institute’s partnership with the Legal Technology Core Competency Certification Coalition (“LTC4™“).  The LT&I is a market leading institute to deliver practical technology training, develop understanding and awareness and increase experience of relevant legal technologies for legal practitioners across the globe. 

LTC4™ developed a set of legal technology core competencies. LTC4 Core Competency Learning Plans and Certification programs have become the industry standard and the foundation for law firm training that addresses skill gaps, increases productivity, improves profitability, and reduces security risks. These relevant Learning Plans are application-agnostic, workflow-based, and flexible to accommodate a firm’s internal policies.

The LT&I mission is to create a global ecosystem across law and technology by bringing together experts, practitioners, academia, government and technologists from around the world, to provide insights into challenges and successes in legal technology, and collaborate globally. 

As part of the partnership, we are delighted to announce that LTC4 accreditation is now available for students of The Global Legal Technology & Innovation Certificate (LTIC).  As students complete the course, they will now also benefit from not only the LTIC badge of achievement but LTC4 competency recognition.

The LTIC aims to bring a breadth of understanding and engagement to legal practitioners around the world to enable them to engage fully with all relevant technology. The LTIC is a global program with an outstanding global faculty and set of partners, designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice to enable the participants to acquire hands-on skills across a broad range of technologies. Heavily focused on functional and practical skills, the LTIC will ensure that participants engage with technology and innovation use cases to pick up key and valuable skills.

The LTIC has gathered an impressive team of partners ranging from big tech, including Microsoft and Thomson Reuters, who support the program by providing technology and expertise from their practitioners and clients across international markets, through to some exciting startups and legal institutions from across the globe. These include Middlesex University Dubai, who deliver the AI, Data Security and Big Data Analytics modules, with some excellent practical coverage from their faculty and industry practitioners. 

We also have an internationally recognized Faculty which includes Christina Blacklaws, Mark Beer OBE, Laura Fauqueur, Mo Zain, Brian Tang, Robert Millard, Joanne Fischlin and many more.  Some of the modules within the programme are Innovative Thinking, Blockchain, Crypto Assets, The Metaverse, Legal Smart Contracts, Artificial Intelligence, Responsible AI, LawTech Strategy and Legal Operations.  In all there is a selection of 20+ modules.

Our Head of Faculty is Christina Blacklaws, former President of the Law Society of England and Wales and a key player in the UK and Global LawTech field.

Webinar with Christina Blacklaws: Eurojuris InternationalChristina says: ‘I’m really delighted with this partnership.  It is exciting to partner with the LTC4 and expand the global coverage of the LTIC program.  The LTIC is unique in that it is designed for those working in law firms and legal departments to gain all the information and skills they need, have the practical experiences that give them confidence and access to some of the most interesting technologies and practitioners through our interactive courses.”

 Bonnie L. Beuth, LTC4 Founding Member and Board Chair says: “I am eager for the opportunity to partner with LT&I. When two ground-breaking organizations share a common goal, it simply makes sense to find a way to work together. I believe this partnership serves our global community of learners by combining the LTIC faculty, instructional program, and technology partners with LTC4’s worldwide audience and industry standard Core Competency Learning Plans.”


The next cohort will start on October 31st, 2022 and run through to the end of February 2023. With limited spaces register your interest to speak with the team.


The link for registering your interest is




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