1. Why-is-the-legal-industry-so-resistant-to-change-or-is-it
An interesting piece on the ever present issue of adoption and resistance to change in the legal industry.  

2. LawTech predictions 2023
Some interesting predictions from numerous global LegalTech experts for 2023. We will be keeping be keeping a close eye on this series of articles over 2023 Stephanie Wilkins

3. Metaverse – The Right Approach
The metaverse will continue to be a key discussion point across the legal industry in 2023. Obvious issues and challenges still remain. Does it lend itself to simply ensuring as a law firm you’re able to support your clients on what it is, the legal implications and how to navigate them, or should law firms be looking to set up shop? 

4. MDR & Taylor Vinters Merger
post a piece on MDR’s aims to expand its services offerings across digital and become an innovator in legal tech, by investing in startups and funding research into Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is one giant step towards cementing their position as a leader in the innovation space. Looking forward to see what this means for the firm and especially MDR lab.

5. LawTechUK Survey

The Ministry of Justice UK is conducting a survey with the aim to collect data regarding the international presence, interests and priorities of the UK’s lawtech sector.  The survey can be completed anonymously, but there is also an opportunity at the end to leave contact details for those that would like to be contacted in the future regarding international promotion opportunities.

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