1. How One-Person Legal Teams Can Scale Their Efforts

The pressure on corporate legal departments to achieve efficiencies, especially in a tough economic environment increases.  Here Mattermost focuses on how a one person legal team can scale using technology. 

2. Legal Department Processes Falling Behind LegalTech Demand

An article focussing on the challenges surrounding traditional procurement processes, and an abundance of tools, slowing down adoption.

3. ChatGPT Continues to Make Waves

CLM provider Ironclad announced the launch of a new tool called AI Assis.  This leverages OpenAI’s GPT-3 to redline contracts.

4.  Lexion Incorporates ChatGPT

CLM provider Lexion incorporated ChatGPT in its product offering earlier in January. 

5. Data Privacy Day 2023

Which trends firms should be mindful of in 2023.  This article lists five issues in the data privacy and cybersecurity space that businesses may see trending in 2023.

6. The Billable Hour

Calling time on the billable hour, an interesting report by Lexis Nexis.

7.  AI & Legal

An exciting development in South Africa with the launch of an AI attorney for SMEs.  Legaltech form Legal Legends has debuted an AI powered attorney called Harvey.  The tool built on Open AI infrastructure will offer legal services to small businesses, and change the way business legal services are delivered.

South Africa Legal Services and Activities Industry Report 2022 – Demand for Legaltech is Expected to Continue to Grow as clients Look for More Affordable Legal Services.
Exterro Lays Off Staff Weeks After Zapproved Acquisition.
Law&Good raises $6 million in Series A2 funding.  It emerges as the fastest LegalTech startup to secure $10 million.
Tech Nation start-up organisation to close after Government pulls funding.

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