1. ALSP Market Value Breaks $20bn 

The market for alternative legal services providers (ALSPs) has risen to more than $20 billion, as in-house legal teams and law firms seek out specialized expertise and cost-efficiencies.

2. A Subpoena Served Via Twitter.  Are The Courts Innovating?

Courts have become creative with their use of social media with a U.S. Bankruptcy Court authorizing the serving of a subpoena via Twitter on one of the founders of Three Arrows Capital, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency hedge fund, which is going through chapter 15 bankruptcy proceedings.

3. Tracking Generative AI

How Evolving AI Models Are Impacting Legal?

4.  Cyber Security Threats – Troutman Pepper Systems Down

Troutman says that it took its systems offline on 8 February to contain the threat after the attack became known. It is not yet clear what the nature or extent of the cyberattack is.

5. Law Schools Moving Online

Law Schools Are Moving Online. An interesting article on how Law Schools can build strategy and support for virtual law programs.

6. AI Technology & Employment Discrimination 

We accept AI technology can revolutionize work and improve efficiency however it’s important to make sure it doesn’t perpetuate discrimination.  As the technology increasingly plays a role in hiring and firing decisions, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is trying to make sure the technology doesn’t engender discrimination.

7.  Redgrave LLP Partners Discuss ChatGPT

In January, e-discovery and information governance-centered boutique law firm Redgrave LLP announced the return of Victoria Redgrave in the role of managing partner and chair of the firm’s executive committee. Additionally, Erica Zolner also became equity partner and the chair of the firm’s management committee.

South African law firm ordered to pay over R5.5 million to victim of email fraud

Does Africa’s Future Lie in Blockchain Technology?
Aderant enters strategic partnership with UK legal spend analytics provider Apperio.

Global information management vendor M-Files has acquired Finnish no-code document automation startup Ment, which last year rebranded from Contract Mill.

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