1. Is It Finally The Time to Regulate AI?

US, EU Agree It’s Time to Regulate AI. Will They Agree on How?

2. As outside costs rise, teams look closer at in-house eDiscovery

Forty percent of in-house teams are doing most of their eDiscovery themselves to save money, software company IPRO says…

3. Law firms under pressure as client demand for financial transparency grows

A new industry repor finds that clients are increasingly demanding financial transparency and certainty across their engagements with law firms as they look to alleviate their cost pressures in light of the current economic uncertainty. 

4. Post-COVID litigation contributing to high outside counsel costs

A December 2022 law department survey from the Blickstein Group, in collaboration with Deloitte, found that 81.5% of firms said they expected outside law firm rates to go up this year, with 40.9% forecasting increases of greater than 5%

5. The role of human insight in AI-based cybersecurity

To unleash the power of AI, it’s essential to integrate some human input.

6. DLA Piper Adds AI, Data Analytics Practice

The new practice will help clients develop artificial intelligence tools and navigate increasing regulatory scrutiny.

7. DoNotPay Slapped With California Class Action for Unlawful Practice of Law

DoNotPay is merely a website with a repository of—unfortunately, substandard—legal documents that at best fills in a legal adlib based on information input by customers,” the complaint says.

8. Firms invest in cost saving AI tools like ChatGPT to improve profitability

Law firms are continuing to invest in cost-saving technologies, including artificial intelligence driven tools like ChatGPT, in seeking to stave off falling profitability.

9. Cutting through the noise: The impact of GPT/large language models (and what it means for legal tech vendors)

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and as the legal industry has become savvier about artificial intelligence, there is a temptation for some to write off OpenAI’s generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) technology as just another big fuss that will be talked about incessantly before things calm down and return to normal.


1O. Clio Celebrates 15 Years of Transforming the Legal Industry with Cloud-Based Technology

The leading provider of cloud-based legal practice management software and developer of the world’s first comprehensive legal operating system, announced today that it is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

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