The legal industry and technology sector have long been criticised for their lack of diversity and inclusion. However, women in LawTech are stepping up to change the game. They are leading the charge for more diversity and inclusion in the industry, advocating for underrepresented groups and making the industry more equitable for everyone.

So, what exactly are these women doing to make a difference? 

Providing mentorship and networking opportunities.  They are also supporting initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in the industry. Women in LawTech are working to close the gender pay gap and increase opportunities for underrepresented groups. They are also champions in celebrating the achievements of underrepresented groups. For example, Caren Ulrich Stacy founded the Diversity Lab, which helps law firms and legal departments implement strategies that promote diversity and inclusion.

“Women in LawTech are changing the industry, bringing diverse perspectives and innovative solutions to the table. I have seen this through the work we do at the institute and the global coverage we have developed over the last few years.  Women in LawTech are advocates for more diversity and inclusion, creating a more equitable industry that benefits everyone. Our Legal Technology and Innovation Certificate (LTIC) supports the upskilling of women in LawTech, empowering them to make a difference.”  Shak Ashraf, founder of the Legal Technology and Innovation Institute (LT&I),

The LT&I has supported many women as students that have graduated from the program since its inception in 2020.  We have had far more women than men take up the opportunity to learn and get hands on with some of the latest tech.  The current cohort is something to be super proud of, with women making up 75% of the students, and they represent almost 10 different global jurisdictions.  

Women in LawTech are leading the charge for more diversity and inclusion in the industry. These women are creating a more diverse and inclusive industry that reflects the needs and experiences of all. With their efforts, the industry is becoming more equitable, innovative, and successful.

As part of International Women’s Day we are offering five women 50% scholarships for places on the next cohort, and extended payment plans as added support.  Get in touch with us asap if you are interested.

  • Christina has developed and managed law firms and set up the UK’s first Alternative Business Structure with the Co-op. Christina initially specialised in family law and was a passionate advocate for Access to Justice. From 2016 until 2019 Christina was an elected office holder (deputy vice president, vice president then president) of the Law Society of England and Wales. During her time as President Christina flew across the world, speaking at important events and representing the Law Society on the international stage. Christina organised and championed the largest ever study into women lawyers, through a series of conferences and round table events across the world. In 2014 Christina established Blacklaws consulting, a business that she uses to provide strategic advice, particularly in the areas of transformational change, technological developments and diversity and inclusion. Christina is passionate about Diversity and Inclusion, about Access to Justice and about technology and innovation. She has dedicated her career to furthering the rights and lives of women in the legal sector and has fought tirelessly to bring about great changes in the legal aid sector.
  • Laura is the founder of the agency Legal Shake. She is a Legal Designer and a Design Thinking facilitator. Laura was granted the European Tech Women 2020 Award – Legaltech category – by the Department of International Trade of the Government of the United Kingdom, as well as the Women in Legaltech 2020 Award by EWOLT.
  • Stefania is the founder of Passera Design, which helps organizations transform their contracts, policies, and other documents into user-friendly, tools. Stefania earned a  European Woman on Legal Tech 2020 award in the category Academia & Education, and a WorldCC Fellowship. She collaborates with World Commerce and Contracting as Contract Designer in Residence and is one of the co-authors of the Legal Design Manifesto.
  • Communication expert Kim A. Page is a vocal coach, a TEDx speaker and a webinar host. Fluent in six languages, she has worked as a workshop leader and speaker across Europe, Mexico, the U.S. and the Middle East with leaders and executives from Google, HSBC, the World Health Organization (WHO) and other major organizations. Her first book ‘The Right Kind of Loud: Finding Your Communication Voice’ is now part of the curriculum at several business schools.
  • Joanne is a seasoned leader with experience in tech, manufacturing, retail and financial services across EMEA, LATAM and Asia. She is currently Global Public Policy Strategy Lead – Datacenter Sustainability at Microsoft, having previously been Head of Corporate, External & Legal Affairs at Microsoft Gulf and UAE Sustainability Lead. She has extensive in-house experience, having previously held positions at various large corporations, including Ralph Lauren.
  • Maha currently working as a lecturer in the school of science and technology, Middlesex University Dubai, UAE, Dr. Maha Saadeh is a member of the ROBOTECHx Lab under Middlesex university Centre For Innovation In Human Experience. Maha has a number of publications in different reputable international journals and conferences, notably focusing on artificial intelligence and robotics, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT).


  • Noora is corporate legal counsel responsible of the technology and IPR related matters at WithSecure and is also Chair of the Board at the Legal Design Summit, which brings together international experts in the fields of law, design, and digital services. Noora has extensive experience in the provision of legal services, having previously held positions as legal counsel at various companies and firms, including EY.

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