1st Prize
Legal Technology & Innovation Certificate Full Scholarship

 The Legal Technology & Innovation Institute is pleased to offer an exclusive scholarship to members of the ACC Middle East & North Africa to join our October 2021 Cohort for the LTIC Programme.

"Technology is opening new and exciting opportunities, but also posing unprecedented legal and ethical questions.  We are pleased to provide this opportunity to support corporate counsel in building the technical and leadership skills needed to be a protagonist in this climate of innovation and transformation."
Filippo Cossalter
President, ACC Middle East & North Africa

The Legal Technology and Innovation Certificate (LTIC) aims to bring a breadth of understanding and engagement to legal practitioners around the world to enable them to engage fully with all relevant technology.

The LTIC is a programme designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice to enable the participants to acquire hands-on skills across a broad range of technologies.  The aim is to equip legal professionals with the right skill set to not only understand technology but also have the experience of its implementation across legal and business use cases.

The programme will enable participants to use some exciting tools whether that is for document automation and management, legal chatbots, creating legal smart contracts or embedding AI technology in contract design.

The LTIC will help create a global legal technology community and allow participants to see this as a platform enabling access to a global ecosystem. 

The Competition

1st Place
Full scholarship seat on Cohort 2 of the LTIC programme. Valued at $4800 USD


2nd Place
50% discount on Cohort 2 of the LTIC programme.
Valued at $2400 USD


3rd Place
25% discount on Cohort 2 of the LTIC programme.
Valued at $1200 USD

How To Enter

Answer "THE QUESTION" and "THE WHY" on the entry form below.

Competition Entry Deadline: 26th September 2021

The Question

Legal departments are forcing many of the changes to the ecosystem. They are creating much of the pressure that is happening across the ecosystem.  In-house departments have to justify costs and must optimize resources; they have to track data more effectively than ever before.  


As you think about the current legal ecosystem regionally, and globally, please provide details of what you see as the biggest technology challenges corporate legal teams need to address over the next 12-18 months? 




The Why

The future of legal technology adoption rests with the increase in awareness and technology skills. It is now becoming critical that as a lawyer you have an understanding of the technology landscape and the different tools available. There needs to be a technical layer to your skillset to ensure you are becoming the lawyer 2.0 that corporations will need going forward. Recent research indicates inhouse lawyers accept that legal technology will be used daily in the near future and therefore being digitally proficient is a must have to remain future proof. 

The future legal professional needs to have an in-depth understanding of technology and experience across legal and business use cases.

Legal professionals have to ‘future proof” themselves in this rapidly changing business environment.

Please tell us why you should be awarded the scholarship and how it will help you develop as a legal professional and/or benefit your firm/department?


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    • Many legal departments do still operate in an antiquated way, relying on paper processes. Yet demand is increasing for in-house lawyers who understand how to use technology to provide companies with better legal strategies and services.
    • Being a digitally proficient in-house lawyer is about understanding how data can be used to service the business,
    • Keeping up with the latest tech tools is important, but less so.

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