LT&I Digest – Week 10 2023

1. Is It Finally The Time to Regulate AI? US, EU Agree It’s Time to Regulate AI. Will They Agree on How? 2. As outside costs rise, teams look closer at in-house eDiscovery Forty percent of in-house teams are doing most of their eDiscovery themselves to save money, software company...

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LT&I Women’s Champions Podcast

The legal industry and technology sector have long been criticised for their lack of diversity and inclusion. However, women in LawTech are stepping up to change the game. They are leading the charge for more diversity and inclusion in the industry, advocating for underrepresented groups and making the industry more...

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LT&I Digest – Week 9 2023

1. Law Firm Financial Index hits New Low, Thomson Reuters reports a strong drop in demand for legal services amid ongoing economic uncertainty.  The Thomson Reuters Law Firm Financial Index plunged to an all-time low score at the close of 2022. 2. Deputy GCs Struggling to Become Legal Chiefs A recent...

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