The LT&I INSTITUTE & IUEA Partnership

The LT&I aims to deepen engagement and understanding among legal practitioners globally, equipping them to embrace and leverage relevant technology. With growing interest from the African region, partnering with a prestigious institution like IUEA is a strategic step towards engaging both our community and those interested in legal technology and innovation.

Targeting Students and Professionals

This partnership is designed to benefit a wide audience, encompassing both students and professional legal practitioners in corporate and law firm settings.

Engagement at the Law Summit

We eagerly anticipate participating in the upcoming Law Summit, where we will showcase the exciting collaborative opportunities this partnership offers.

Your Path to Being a Legal Innovator Starts Here  


Innovative Thinking

Discover the building blocks of innovation​, use an analytical approach to problem-solving​. Learn the processes and methods of creative problem solving

eJustice & Digital Justice

Gather insights into innovation in the judiciary landscape. Gain a perspective on the impact of Covid-19 on the justice system

LegalTech Essentials

Gain an understanding of what is meant by ‘Legaltech’​. Learn bout the different tools and processes that are used within Legaltech​

Digital Transformation

Understand transformation and the key components: Digital, Process, RPA etc. Look at use cases to realize industry implementations for digital or process transformation​

Data & Cyber Security

Learn about the most common security problems and their impact​. Identify the legal responsibilities and implications​. Understand how particular security tools or technologies can positively affect the security posture​

Blockchain &
Smart Contracts

Understand blockchain technology and its components. ​Gain insights into blockchain simulation​, and learn about blockchain law. ​Dissect the implications of blockchain operations​

Artificial Intelligence

Gain a deep understanding of AI and its application in the Legal Ecosystem. Identify the critical success factors for a firm's AI strategy

Big Data & Analytics

Understand your data and its importance to business-critical decisions​. Learn to use tools and shape a firm’s big data strategy. Discover Litigation Analytics and how to best utilize it

Contract Automation

Evaluate key legal technologies and understand the pros and cons of each. Discussions on case studies and best practice


Evaluate key legal technologies and understand the pros and cons of each. Discussions on case studies and best practice

Legal Design

Understand the global Legaltech ecosystem and its development​. Learn about the Implications of legal design in light of innovation and tech

Legal Skills of the Future

Understand the skill set of the future lawyer, and how to stay relevant. Overcome the hierarchical and monolithic delivery of legal services​

Legal Operations

Understand the landscape, the need and value of legal operations• learn how to how to build an effective legal operations function

Commercial Awareness

Examine how you can increase the chances of senior sponsors supporting your technology plans. Private practices to look at the technology landscape. Support clients in commercially assessing projects and funding​

Project Management & Delivery

Understand the importance of project management and how an effective governance approach to delivery can yield success in change management. Metrics and methods to measure the success of a project. Learn to capture project-related data​ and KPIs that will only benefit a law firm overtime