LTIC Open Hour
March 2023

Introduction - Part I

Christina leads the introduction to the LTIC

Why does the LTIC make a difference?

How can it benefit you?

More than ever, it is such a necessity in the Legal Industry?

A teaser on What is LawTech Strategy? What are some of the industry secrets, and best practices you can employ for your Law Firm? How you do successfully marry Legal Technology into your Law Firm Operations?


Christina Blacklaws, Past President of The Law Society of England & Wales

Head of Faculty, LT&I Institute

More from the Faculty - Part II

Why AI matters?

Why technology skills are important for lawyers

Student Panel - Part III

Listen to some of our current and former students.

Legal professionals from around the world who have taken away immense benefit from the LTIC course.

Hear from your peers, why this journey will be of great benefit to you.