Empower Your Legal Practice:
Ignite Innovation with LegalTech Essentials

Riyadh, KSA | 12th - 13th November 2023

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Introducing the LT&I Masterclass Series

LegalTech Fundamentals & Strategy

  • Introducing the LegalTech Fundamentals & Strategy Training: “Transform Legal Practice – Empower Innovation, Enhance Collaboration, Achieve Success,”

  • A comprehensive workshop tailored for forward-thinking legal professionals committed to driving change in the industry. This engaging event is thoughtfully crafted to provide you with the exceptional opportunity to:

    1. Master the fundamentals of legal technology and lawtech strategy, guided by industry-leading experts, to elevate client experiences and optimize service delivery.
    2. Explore groundbreaking technological advancements, including generative AI, and digital tools that will propel your legal practice to the forefront of the industry.
    3. Understand the unique challenges and opportunities for innovation faced by both private practice and in-house legal teams, positioning your organization for unprecedented growth.
    4. Immerse yourself in lawtech strategy development, learning how to effectively incorporate technology into your practice and align it with your organization’s goals.
    5. Engage in collaborative problem-solving sessions with like-minded peers to devise innovative solutions to real-world legal challenges, leveraging the potential of generative AI.
    6. Build invaluable connections within a network of visionary legal professionals, opening doors to future collaboration and shared success.
  • Secure your place in this comprehensive training and join the vanguard of legal trailblazers as we reshape the practice of law, set new benchmarks for success, and leave an indelible mark on the legal landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity – embrace the future with the LegalTech Fundamentals & Strategy Training.

Our Faculty


The LegalTech Fundamentals & Strategy Training is designed for a diverse audience of professionals who are eager to embrace the future of law, gain insights into cutting-edge technologies, and learn effective strategies for implementing legal innovations. This workshop is ideal for….
  1. Lawyers & Legal Practitioners from private firms and in-house legal departments
    • Seeking to enhance their understanding of legal technology and its applications in their practice.
  2. Legal Operations Professionals
    • Interested in streamlining workflows and leveraging technology for improved efficiency and collaboration.
  3. Legal Technology Enthusiasts & Early Adopters
    • Who want to stay ahead of the curve and explore the latest developments, such as generative AI, in the legal sector.
  4. Law Firm Partners & Executives
    • Looking to develop and implement strategic roadmaps for technology adoption and digital transformation.
  5. In-house Counsel
    • Aiming to leverage technology for better management of legal risks and improved service delivery
  6. Legal Educators and Academics
    • Who want to incorporate technology and innovation into their curricula and promote a forward-thinking approach among the next generation of legal professionals
Join this diverse group of legal innovators and be part of a collaborative learning experience that will help you drive change and create a lasting impact in the legal industry.

Check out our Legal Technology & Innovation Certificate

Virtual classrooms, Recorded Lectures, comprehensive Elearning.
The Global LTIC course is designed to be heavily focused on real-world use cases and hands-on practicals.

Global faculty

With 40+ A-list Faculty with decades of industry experience, the LTIC has invited some of the leading practitioners in law and technology to run our sessions. Expect practical & experienced knowledge, as well as industry insights you won’t find anywhere else.