Video recordings from the LTIC Open Day on November 2020.

With over 800 total registrations – the LTIC launched with great fanfare in the legal tech community.

Watch the full playlist by clicking the button below, or find the individual clips here.

Introduction to the LTIC

Why have we chosen to launch LTIC now? Why, more than ever, is it such a necessity in the Legal Industry?

Keynote by Christina Blacklaws, Immediate Past President of The Law Society of England & Wales

Founder, Blacklaws Consulting

Head of Faculty, LT&I Institute

Why MS are part of the initiative + Responsible AI Teaser​

Microsoft & LTIC – Why Microsoft joined the initiative & an introduction to the Responsible AI Module run by Microsoft at the LTIC.

Keynote by Joanne Fischlin, Head of Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft

Commercial Awareness - Pitching Teaser

When you have your strategy in place for your technology plans, how do you prepare the best possible pitch to get support from board and senior management?

Gain insights into best practices to get your message across and win your clients over.

Delivered by Kim A. Page, Communication Trainer & Author of The Right Kind of Loud.

LawTech Strategy Teaser

What is LawTech Strategy? What are some of the industry secrets, and best practices you can employ for your Law Firm? How you do successfully marry Legal Technology into your Law Firm Operations?

Discover all this and more at the LawTech Strategy Module Teaser, delivered by:

Christina Blacklaws, Immediate Past President of The Law Society of England & Wales

Robert Millard, Director, Cambridge Strategy Group

MDX Dubai Partnership & Teaser

An introduction to Middlesex University Dubai & the amazing faculty who will be working with us.

Delivered by:

Dr Tenia Kyriazi, Deputy Director Academic Operations, Middlesex University Dubai

Dr Fehmida Hussain, Associate Professor, Head of Computer Engineering and Informatics, Middlesex University Dubai

Dr Lena El-Malak, Senior Associate, Bird & Bird

eJustice Trailer

Understand why eJustice represents the future of dispute avoidance, and will transform the lives of 4 billion people.

Have a taste of our eJustice module, run by Mark Beer, OBE, Co-Founder, Seven Pillars Law & Chairman, The Metis Institute

Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation and Technology Association Partnership

The Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation and Technology Association (ALITA) will be sharing on their participation from the heart of Legal Technology in APAC, and the modules that they will be delivering.

Keynote by Josh Lee, Chairperson, ALITA , Co-Founder, LawTech.Asia, Legal Policy Manager for AI Governance, IMDA Singapore

Legal Skills of the Future Teaser

What are the Legal Skills of the Future?

Learn more about what the Future Lawyer looks like with this teaser delivered by Brian W Tang, Founding Executive Director, LITE Lab@Hong Kong University & Founder, ACMI

Transformation Teaser

What is Digital Transformation look like in the Legal Space? Explore the different channels in transformation in Legal, learn about best practices, and how you can digitally transform your legal practice & career.

Delivered by Nicholas Cronjaeger​, Head of Legal Software Solutions, Middle East, Africa & Russia, Thomson Reuters

Cloud Contracts Teaser

Learn about the Cloud Essentials in Legal Tech, from one of the world’s largest technology service provider, Microsoft.

Delivered by Otilia Phiri, Attorney – Emerging Markets, Middle East & Africa, Microsoft

Natural Language Processing Teaser

LegalTech Innovators at SIBYL AI will be sharing on the latest in Natural Language Processing, and how this technology can increase your firm & practices’ efficiency – enabling you to become more accurate lawyers, and taking on even more clients.

Delivered by Richard Strauss, Co-founder, Sibyl AI

Contract Innovation Teaser

Discover AI, blockchain and smart contracts. Learn how e-signatures, and cybersecurity have satisfied the ever-changing needs of legal contracts. Craft a rock solid smart contract, and apply them in real use cases.

Understand Contract Innovation with Dr. Stefania Passera, Contract Design & Visualization Consultant

Legal Skills of the Future Teaser

Understand the skillset of the future lawyer, and how to stay relevant. Overcome the hierarchical and monolithic delivery of legal services​. Learn about the upcoming trends, and how you can avoid falling behind.

Delivered by Bruno Barata, Member of the Academic Council, Swiss Academy for International Law

WCC partnership and Contract Innovation Teaser

Why WCC has joined LTIC & our initiative.

Have a taste of the Contract Innovation Module run by Tim Cummins, President of the WCC


Innovation Thinking Teaser

Discover the building blocks of innovation​, use an analytical approach to problem solving​. Learn the processes and methods of creative problem solving.

Delivered by Lucy Endel Bassli, Author & Founder, InnoLegal Services, PLLC (dba InnoLaw Group)

Commercial Awareness Teaser

Examine how you can increase the chances of senior sponsors supporting your technology plans. Private practices to look at the technology landscape. Support clients in commercially assessing projects and funding​ – gain a deeper understanding & strong standing on commercial awareness.

Delivered by Clinton Swan, Advisor, Irbis Ventures & Co-Founder, Codelex LegalTech


Transformation Teaser

Understand transformation and the key components: Digital, Process, RPA etc. Look at use cases to realize industry implementations for digital or process transformation​.

Delivered by Brian M. Dunn, Vice President, Legal, Property Finder


Blockchain & Smart Contracts

A quick teaser into the LTIC Blockchain & Smart Contracts Module. Understand blockchain technology and its components, gaining insights into BC simulation​, and gain a deeper understanding into BC law.

Delivered by Nikhil Vadgama, Deputy Executive Director, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT)

Virtual Facilitation Teaser

In an increasingly, and decidedly, digital world – learning to be persuasive & delivering your message across the digital channels are a skill aside from in-person affairs.

Understand the art & science of Virtual Facilitation with Kim A. Page, Communication Trainer & Author of The Right Kind of Loud.

Transformation Teaser

Gain a deep understanding of digital transformation in the legal space.

Delivered by Lise Alm, Head of Business Development, Arbitration Institute of the SCC

Legal Operations Teaser

Understand the landscape, the need and value of legal operations, learn how to how to build an effective legal operations function.

Delivered by Mo Zain Ajaz, Global Head of Legal Operational Excellence, National Grid

Legal Chatbots / NLP​

Gain an understanding on how Natural Language Processing & Legal chatbots can help automate & create more efficient & accurate lawyers & law firms.

Delivered by Tim Kirkman,Co-Founder, LawSwitch

Legal Design Teaser​

Understand the global Legaltech ecosystem and its development​. Learn about the Implications of legal design in light of innovation and tech.

Delivered by Laura Fauqueur, Director Master in Legal Tech, CEU IAM Business School

RAILS Partnership intro & Tech Workshop Teaser

Discussing LTIC’s Global Partnership with RAILS – The Robotics & AI Law Society.

Delivered by Dr. Martin Ebers, Co-Founder & President, RAILS