e-Justice / Digital Justice

Foundation | Optional Module | Includes Practicals


Access to justice is a key topic with many justice systems around the world. Technology is now seen as the answer and the conduit of access to justice, particularly in terms of improving efficiency, saving costs and ensuring global justice systems continue to function considering the current pandemic. ​

This module will enable you to gain an understanding of the current and future landscape considering the change brought by technology. We will discuss eJustice and how it differs from non-digitalized justice systems. The module will comprise of a series of lectures from leading practitioners, and enablers from across the globe. With each providing insights into the global justice ecosystem and their own experiences of pre, during and post covid and how to adjust to the change.

There will be an emphasis on the impact of reform and designing services that improve access to justice, with examples of electronic platforms amongst other innovation initiatives taking place across global ecosystems.

Learning Outcome
  • Understanding of innovation in judiciary landscape ​

  • Understand the different the ecosystems ​

  • Understand the main differences between traditional and modern digitalized justice systems ​

  • Gain a perspective on the impact of Covid-19 on the justice system ​

  • Understand the challenges to innovation in courts ​

  • Explore some of the use cases/tools being used globally to enable access to justice through technology ​

Lecture Leader

Mark Beer, OBE

Co-Founder, Seven Pillars Law

Module Overview

The following LTIC Overview was delivered at the LTIC Open Day on 19th November 2020 by Christina Blacklaws, Head of Faculty, LTIC.

Learning Methodology

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Recorded Lecture

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60 Minutes of hands-on activity - create innovative solutions for real-world use cases.

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